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Prominent among the largest of herbs, plantain and banana “trees” grow to heights of twenty feet or more in tropical areas of the world. Particular parts of the botanical structure of musaceas plants comprise distinctly separate nutritious and medicinal properties. The berries (fruit) are an excellent source of nutrition, while the pseudostem liquids provide a reservoir of defensive compounds, which may assist the human cellular immune system in maintaining the healthy division of cells. CellQuest manufactures two forms of the basic plant product, one for internal application and the other for topical use. “CellQuest” is the brand name for the natural liquid recovered from the pseudostem of musaceas plants after phytoalexins (plant defense compounds) have been elicited by a proprietary bio-botanical process. Unlike other supplements, it is not a formulated product, since it derives directly from the plant (herb). No solvent extraction occurs in the process and the natural concentrations of the phytoalexins are preserved and remain fixed for the shelf life of the product. Effectively, the plant’s own “immune system” is absorbed to work alongside the human cellular immune system in providing structure/function support in several ways:

Supporting The Immune System

Through the process of Mitosis, our cells divide and the resultant “daughter” cells divide again and again until the Hayflick limit is reached, the point of cell senescence. Maintaining the cell’s original genome must be achieved and replicated following clean separation between cells. In this way, healthy division of normal cells occurs to ensure that consistent genomic information is passed between “generations”. Recurring cell division uses up telomere mass, which shortens its length after each successive replication. In abnormal cells, an enzyme called telomerase, rebuilds the telomeres such that cell division may continue indefinitely. This allows abnormal cells to increase and multiply at will such that the normal programmed death and replication of normal cells “APOPTOSIS” is interrupted. CellQuest may help the immune system maintain the healthy division of normal cells.

Natural Defense Compounds – Phytoalexins

Phytoalexins are defense compounds generated by certain plants on demand to ward off attacks by external invaders such as fungi and microbes. The phytoalexins elicited in Musaceas plants are prime examples. After successful handling of the induced trauma from attack, the plant returns to its original phytochemical composition. Typical phytoalexins include phenylphenanalones in the case of the musa plants. Of late, much attention has been given to a general classification of “Salvestrols”, which are phytoalexins specifically identified as compounds which undergo a process of molecular activation by a particular enzyme CYP1B1. This enzyme is present in abnormal cells but essentially absent in normal cells. A group of British researchers have reported that such molecular activation results in the inhibition or death of the abnormal cells. These findings have not been recognized nor approved by the FDA and cannot be promoted as cures or treatments for disease. Resveratrol is a typical compound in this group of phytoalexins. While containing phytoalexins, the CellQuest supplement appears to be an effective and convenient means of ingesting salvestrols.

Cardiovascular Health – Sodium/Potassium Ratio

Researchers* found that the sodium to potassium ratio in subjects’ urine was a much better predictor of cardiovascular disease than sodium or potassium alone. This finding is defined in more detail by a study carried out by the Loyola University Health Department. Blood pressure reduction was indicated by increase in potassium intake and a reduction in sodium coincidentally. In this regard, CELLQUEST is a good source of potassium without the inclusion of sodium, resulting in a very low sodium/potassium ratio. Consuming the CELLQUEST dietary supplement increases the desired sodium free potassium intake consequently decreasing the sodium/potassium ratio. This measure may help support cardiovascular health. While many fruits and vegetables provide the needed potassium for our health’s sake, it is absorbed into the bloodstream after and during various stages in the digestive processes. Uniquely, the dissociated potassium ions in the CellQuest liquid extract may pass directly into the blood stream through the esophagus. In contrast to the fruit itself, the CellQuest liquid either bypasses the digestive system or passes rapidly through it to provide a readily absorbed source in maintaining a low sodium/potassium ratio. In this way a significant portion of the added sodium in processed foods is offset through a daily regimen of CellQuest supplement. *Ref: News Release: Jan 26, 2009 Loyola Medicine. “CUTTING SALT ISN’T THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE”

CellQuest Topical – A Revolutionary Skin Care Treatment.

CellQuest Topical was developed from the CellQuest Supplement when it was discovered that the pseudostem liquid extracted in a proprietary process from the musaceas plant exhibited anti-inflammatory properties. Patients undergoing radiation therapy generally suffer associated ionized radiation burns of varying severity. Anecdotal reports indicated both rapid post burn benefits and also burn prevention properties when applied topically prior to radiation treatment. Several women patients undergoing breast cancer radiation therapy reported their anecdotal experiences of burn prevention to radiation oncologists at USF/ Moffitt Cancer Center South where clinical testing protocols were developed for future pilot trials. CellQuest Topical product may be applied to several types of skin disorders such as burns, dry itchy skin and several other skin disorders. The CellQuest Topical products include the following:

CellQuest Topical

While this product has no included sun screen components or sun blockers (SPF 1.62), it still shields the skin from the burning effects of radiated heat, eradicates dead cells and quickly helps generate new healthy tissue. CellQuest Topical rapidly heals sun burns and other radiation burns both prophalactically (prevention with liberal use) and as a post-burn treatment. This product contains monograph required amounts of aloe vera.

CellQuest “Before and After Sun”

Developed from the CellQuest Topical product frequently used for healing and preventing radiation burns, skin irritations, insect bites and other common skin conditions, CellQuest has developed a “Before and After Sun” product designed to prevent sunburns by liberal applications before Sun and as a post treatment after sun damage has occurred. The active phytoalexins (plant defense compounds) provide burn protection without sunscreen and sun blocking additives.

Active Liquid Wellness

The company offers wellness products only in liquid form as a improved physiologically efficient method of delivery, powered by CellQuest. These products include vitamins, minerals and calcium for general health as well as skin care products for topical use. The company is presently developing additional wellness products including a CellQuest powered prostate formula by combining the health benefits of biobotanically derived stem liquid.